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Why Hubspot and Salesforce Sucks

Learn how to optimize your marketing process and get the most out of Hubspot and Salesforce.

Marketing automation software allows brands to automate certain marketing tasks such as email marketing, social media campaigns, and targeted ads. The software allows brands to create rules and triggers that will automatically send out the desired marketing content when certain conditions are met. Marketing automation software can be an extremely valuable tool for businesses. By automating certain processes, businesses can see a significant increase in their productivity and ROI. Additionally, marketing automation software can help businesses to better engage with their customers, leading to increased sales and revenue. When it comes to marketing automation, there are a lot of software options to choose from. It can be difficult to determine which option is the best for your business. You need to find software that will automate tasks and make work more efficient.

In this episode, Lauren Kennedy shares two of the most popular marketing platforms available today and why their use may suck for your business. Learn how you can optimize your marketing process and get the most out of Hubspot and/or Salesforce.

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Lauren Kennedy is the founder of Coastal Consulting, a people-first marketing automation agency focused on HubSpot and Salesforce.

Lauren is an innovative leader, not only in the service her team provides but also in the delivery and ecosystem surrounding it. She embodies the people-first approach and takes every opportunity to grow, nurture, and develop those around her.

Lauren is a mission-driven woman on a trajectory to change the way business is done, both for employees and customers. Underneath all of that, a leader worth following.

Lauren has created an agency environment that focuses on the person behind the solution, both for the team and the client.

Podcast Timestamps/Outline

01:13 – Introduction

01:31 – About Lauren Kennedy

02:02 – Why Hubspot and Salesforce sucks

04:06 – How a marketer’s perspective and mindset can inhibit the benefit of Hubspot and Salesforce

06:05 – Different issues between small and large size organizations

09:29 – Helping clients integrate their marketing tools

13:14 – Holes in the bucket – What are companies missing out on?

17:08 – How to win half of the opportunities lost

18:57 – Transactional vs. High-touch, high-ticket B2B

22:42 – What should B2B Digital Marketers be thinking of right now?

27:19 – The negative attribute associated with lead score.

30:28 – Problems with hiring marketing people

34:22 – Connect with Lauren Kennedy

Memorable Quotes

“You can get the top-line, best platform and it not suit your needs because it’s not set up to support you.”

“A huge driver for loss in B2B is time to respond.”

“The benefit of automating your sales process and putting in sales enablement tools like Hubspot is the ability to respond quickly.”

“If you’re not top-of-mind, then you’re not in their mind at all.”

“The challenge now is by the time a company reaches out to you, they know to a certain degree if they’re going to work with you or not.”

“Even if it’s a long-term B2B decision, they could have been making that decision internally for the past 6 months.”

“It’s really about understanding your customers.”

“Your lead score should be a balance of fit and interest, and positive and negative.”

“Your marketing team is the face of your brand.”

“We’re underestimating the amount of manpower it takes to attract, convert, and retain customers.”

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