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Uncommon Thinking for B2B Authors

People have been doing the same thing for decades. Instead of doing what is common, do what is uncommon.

How can you do B2B marketing differently? How can you break the mold and become innovative in your strategies and tactics in growing your business?

If you want the answer to that, then you have got to think differently from the rest and do uncommon thinking. Think of the ways B2B marketing has never been done before and pursue the path that many may have never tread before.

One such way of doing non-traditional marketing is through book publishing. Books are a great way to establish authority and credibility. If you are a B2B author then you may consider doing this as a major part of your marketing plan.

In this episode, Jim Knight discusses how to use book publishing and authorship as a way to do marketing differently using uncommon thinking, and doing things in a nontraditional way.

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Renowned keynote speaker, author, and training and development expert Jim Knight teaches organizations of all sizes how to attain their own “rock star” status.  

Although his illustrious career started at Gatorland Zoo in Florida (he has scars to prove it), Jim cut his teeth in the hospitality training industry and eventually led Global Training for Hard Rock International for two decades. Jim’s customized programs show how to amp up organizational culture, deliver world-class differentiated service, and build rock star teams and leaders.

Jim’s role at Hard Rock involved many facets of organizational training including creating and managing all staff and management training materials and programs; facilitating Hard Rock’s Corporate University; overseeing management training locations; producing training videos; directing company e-Learning initiatives; facilitating leadership transitions; and traveling to properties to deliver onsite classes and measure company standards.

Jim put his experience and creativity to work, which has consistently developed cutting-­edge training concepts. During his time with the Hard Rock brand, his team won coveted Telly Awards (Guest Service in 2000, Menu Rollout in 2007, Harassment & Discrimination Prevention in 2008); garnered Training Directors Forum’s 1998 prize for “Reengineering Training”; and won Brandon Hall’s Gold Best in Class Award for their “Service Recovery” e-­Learning course.

Podcast Timestamps/Outline

01:43 – Introduction

02:26 – About Jim Knight

03:38 – What is uncommon thinking and how it can add value

06:20 – What is a freenoter?

10:05 – About Bookstar PR and Booky Call

14:52 – How Booky Call works

18:21 – Becoming a best seller in Amazon

20:32 – The hard part of authorship – marketing and promoting your book

25:29 – What does dating a book mean?

27:56 – How do you interview a book?

29:41 – How do you score the edutainment factor?

34:50 – How book marketing and publishing can become part of your marketing strategy

37:00 – Connect with Jim Knight

Memorable Quotes

“If it isn’t broke, break it. Always make it better.”

“Uncommon thinking is the difference between traditional and non-traditional marketing… I will go non-traditional all day long.”

“The edutainment factor is the totality of the customer’s experience.”

“People have been doing things the same way for decades, and they only know what they know. You got to break things down and you got to start thinking what some crazy innovative companies doing and break the mold and do it a different way – that’s uncommon thinking.”

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