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Steve Goldhaber: Marketing is About Solving Problems

Marketing is About Solving Problems

In this episode of the B2B Digital Marketer Podcast, Steve Goldhaber shares his insights in how to effectively identify and solve your customer’s problems. Learn why it’s important to produce high-quality content that not only generates revenue, but also helps your customers move forward. Steve also shares some key takeaways from his book, “What’s Your Problem?”

Steve Goldhaber is one of a rare breed of marketers who is equally adept at, and equally passionate about, creativity and technology. In a digital age that has forever altered traditional marketing techniques, these dual skills give him an in-depth understanding of how technology can be used to execute more effective marketing programs.

In his work in a variety of corporate settings—from small startups to complex global organizations—Goldhaber has demonstrated an ability to break new ground, disrupt the status quo, and get results. His broad view of marketing in a digital world has been refined over nearly two decades in agency and corporate marketing positions in multiple industries.

In 2017, Goldhaber started 26 Characters, a marketing collective. Previously, Goldhaber was in charge of global digital marketing for two Fortune 500 companies, JLL and Aon, where he was responsible for web, social media, search, mobile, and content marketing. Prior to that, he spent nine years at Digitas, a global marketing and technology agency. As vice president, he led senior clients and internal teams in building marketing programs that embraced leading-edge tools to create better customer experiences.

With a bachelor’s degree in communications from Purdue University. He has been a judge for the Effie awards and on the advisory board for Social Media Week. He’s also a product adviser for LinkedIn, helping to shape the road map for future service enhancements. Goldhaber has also been a contributing writer for LinkedIn, the Content Marketing Institute, and B2B Marketing. He is also the author of What’s Your Problem?, a marketing book about problem solving.

As easily as Goldhaber can discuss solving a complex marketing problem with imaginative strategy, he can recount the challenges of completing four marathons, two urban adventure races, and travel to more than fifty countries.


01:43 – About Steve Goldhaber and

03:41 – Serving service-based businesses vs. hybrid models

04:34 – Steve’s passion in understanding and solving business problems

06:24 – What is overrated in B2B digital marketing?

07:59 – Why great marketing is all about well-thought strategies and good thinking

10:21 – Balancing getting good results vs. testing

11:34 – Working with budget constraints and investing in high quality content

14:36 – Why you should invest in making genuinely amazing content

17:40 – Assessing if your marketing is helping your customers move forward

19:21 – Steve’s book: “What’s Your Problem?”

21:40 – Key elements and tactics in problem-solving

23:46 – Working back and reverse-engineering the problem

27:31 – Connect with Steve Goldhaber

Key Takeaways

“The old model was to do something clever and interesting to get people’s attention. Now it’s about delivering true content and helping them.”

“The key takeaway is to ask yourself one question: “What’s your problem? What are you trying to solve?” If you keep asking that, it will provide so much clarity.”

“You have to separate yourself as a marketer into what your customers think. Things you may feel old and outdated may be loved by your customers.”

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Steve’s book: What’s Your Problem? How Enhancing Your Problem-Solving Skills Can Make You a Better B2B Marketer

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