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Eliminating B2B Social Selling Dysfunction

It’s not about trying to do more. It’s about slowing down and focusing on the most important activity.

A lot of companies approach B2B social selling traditionally. There is very little personalization, and a lot of it is asking too much from the client. A lot of dysfunction has crept in because we’ve always done things in a certain way.

You have to understand that similar to relationship-building in the physical world, there is also a proper approach to relationship-building digitally. Only if you understand how to properly take this approach, especially in LinkedIn, can you find more success in your networking and content marketing.

In this episode, Richard Bliss shares the most common B2B social selling dysfunction and how you can eliminate them in your sales and marketing process.

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Richard Bliss is the founder of BlissPoint Consulting, a social media consulting company that helps improve executives’ online communications and sales teams’ social selling behaviors. A LinkedIn Top Voices Influencer, experienced executive communications manager, and social media coach, Richard has helped thousands of people master social media tools and become fluent in social conversations.

Podcast Timestamps/Outline

01:16 – Introduction

01:45 – About Richard Bliss

03:57 – We’re still working on a Rolodex mindset

06:35 – Richard’s daughter trade show story

09:48 – The disconnect between marketing, sales, and the executives

11:30 – LinkedIn example: Text only

15:32 – The problem with automation tools/platforms

21:17 – Is it all about creating more content?

27:58 – The importance of getting people to feel and see that we like them

34:30 – The problem with asking too much immediately / “Let’s get naked” disorder

37:54 – LinkedIn is not Instagram

40:50 – What a B2B digital marketer should be thinking right now

42:39 – Connect with Richard Bliss

Memorable Quotes

“Before you ever send a connection request, which is an ask, you better have given something first.”

“Understand your platform, and it transforms the way you do marketing.”

“Engage and give.”

“Keep showing the love, whether that’s in-person or online.”

“In B2B selling, you have to find a way to be brought into the conversation, in a trusted manner.”

“You’re not selling to the buyer, you’re selling to the influencer of the ultimate buying decision.”

“Slowing down and focusing will actually deliver a lot more results than just trying to do more.”

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