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B2B Digital Marketer
B2B Digital Marketer
SEO Best Practices – A Guide to Ethical, Effective, and Modern SEO

Learn how to achieve real SEO results without gaming or manipulating the system.

Marketers, as well as business owners, all strive to achieve results. This is why we implement SEO: to increase our business’ bottom line. 

However, this focus on results often leads to gaming and manipulating the system. As a result, most practitioners today have bad habits and bad practices that are not just ineffective but also unethical.

SEO can be done better – it can be done more effectively and ethically, leading to better results and a better experience for both the user and the business owner.

In this episode, Steven Wiideman shares with us the best SEO practices you can use to drive more traffic to your website and increase your business’ profits.

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Steve drives the innovation of Wiideman’s service offerings, including their SEO Roadmap solution introduced in early 2015. Steve has consulted for various enterprises and well-known brands for over 10 years, while playing key roles within multiple agencies and solution providers in the inbound marketing industry.

Specializing in SEO Strategy, Steve likes to organize search into specific disciplines broken down by business model. For natural search, Steve believes in only three fundamental requirements: Relevancy, Visibility and User Behavior. For local search, Data, Landing Page, Citation and Reputation are the keys to success.

These requirements are organized into our SEO Roadmap system with training videos and documentation by Steve and the team here at Wiideman Consulting Group, making the job of improving search result visibility simple and intuitive.

While serving as an adjunct professor at UCSD and CSUF, Steve’s also building the Academy of Search, while volunteering time to help improve transparency and industry standards as an agency trainer.

When not at work, Steve enjoys traveling with his family, reading historical fiction, and training his Padawan Jedi here in La Mirada, CA.

Podcast Timestamps/Outline

02:04 – Introduction

02:25 – What B2B marketers should be thinking about today in relation to search

03:58 – About Steve Wiideman

06:50 – How inexperienced SEO practitioners are doing it wrong

10:35 – Does three years really seem to be outdated?

14:11 – How to address the degree of complexity – do you need to be more specialized?

20:32 – What it takes to become a disruptor

24:11 – Differences in SEO practices from 2015 to 2021

28:48 – Things that are overrated in digital marketing and search

34:17 – How to optimize your pages for search while still making them relevant to visitors

36:46 – What to do if you had unlimited funds

39:53 – Connect with Steve Wiideman

Memorable Quotes

“What B2B digital marketers could be doing a little bit better today is having a strategy.”

Technology evolves, and the way search engine algorithms change, it is not appropriate to use something older than 3 years.”

“Anything that you’re doing to try and game or manipulate results is eventually going to come back and bite you.”

“Stay away from technique and focus on strategy.”

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