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B2B Digital Marketer
B2B Digital Marketer
Your Secret Roadblocks to Business Growth

Unlocking the Obvious: Overcoming Hidden Barriers to Growth

Having trouble finding solutions to business problems is a common experience among entrepreneurs and business owners. Sometimes, it’s easy to lose sight of the bigger picture or the obvious solutions that are right in front of us. This is because we get so focused on what we are trying to accomplish.

However, most of the time, the answers are right in front of us. It is helpful to have someone assist us in seeing them. Consider it like cleaning a dirty window. Having grime and dirt on it makes it difficult to look through it. However, after cleaning it, you will see the answers clearly.

In business, it’s critical to understand that when we get blocked, it’s not just affecting us but everyone in our organization and everyone we touch. As a result, it is important to take a step back from everything you do and get a fresh perspective. It may be worthwhile to obtain advice from a mentor or business coach or simply to take some time off to consider things afresh.

When we’re able to see the answers that have been right in front of us all along, we’re able to make the necessary changes and move forward. It’s important to remember that this happens in all periods and all parts of life, not just in business. So, next time you find yourself stuck, remember to take a step back and look at the bigger picture. The answers might be right in front of you.

In this episode, Gary Geiman shares with us three secret roadblocks to business growth that may be affecting your business or organization. Examine whether you are experiencing them right now and find the answers that you are looking for.

Gary Geiman is a serial entrepreneur and business owner. His 30-year career has spanned owning multiple businesses and developing sales and marketing plans to assist other business owners in growing their businesses. Gary looks to help business owners focus on growing revenue with multiple lead sources. Today, Gary owns and operates DMN8 Partners, a digital marketing and consulting company that helps business owners dominate their competition and market.

Podcast Timestamps/Outline

01:08 – Introduction

02:12 – About Gary Geiman

04:40 – Three secret roadblocks that business owners encounter

06:47 – Roadblock #1 – Humility

11:46 – Using your energy wisely

16:17 – Roadblock #2 – “Hit By Bus” mindset

24:25 – Can you have 100% of the business written with an SOP?

26:11 – As the business scales, so will the complexity

27:06 – Roadblock #3 – Investing in depth

31:53 – Information vs. Transformation

38:53 – Connect with Gary Geiman

Memorable Quotes

“If you can self-identify your strength and weaknesses and find the people to fill in around you, then you can achieve what you want to achieve.”

“You have to build a company that you can remove yourself from and it still functions. And if you don’t have that, you don’t have a business.”

“One of the functions of a founder is to create a foundation.”

“What is hidden in your head, no one else sees.”

“Business is people.”

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