page title icon Remote Staffing: How to Create Really Great Customer Experience Through Really Great Team Members

B2B Digital Marketer
B2B Digital Marketer
Remote Staffing: How to Create Really Great Customer Experience Through Really Great Team Members

It’s a global world and it’s time to re-imagine how you do your business and manage your financial and human resources.

A company is only as good as its people. The right team member is crucial if you want your company to produce the best results, and with the acceleration of remote work brought about by the pandemic, remote staffing is becoming a strategy that is widely used by most businesses.

Remote work has allowed businesses to gain access to a pool of global talent. Businesses are no longer restricted to what can be found within their local area. Remote staffing has allowed businesses to provide better services and produce better products resulting in better results.

But hiring a remote workforce is not an easy ordeal. Hiring is hard!

That’s why in this episode, Noel Andrews shares his tips and strategies on how you can gain access to the global talent that is available to you.

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Noel Andrews has over 15 years of management and hiring experience, as an entrepreneur, with large corporations and fully remote start-ups. Noel bought JobRack in 2018 and now helps business owners all across the world to hire well-educated, high-quality remote workers from Eastern Europe.

Podcast Timestamps/Outline

01:04 – Introduction

01:58 – Why Noel acquired JobRack

04:49 – How B2B Digital Marketers should be thinking about JobRack

07:42 – Determination of success

10:24 – Overcoming fears of hiring remote workers

15:11 – Risks of outsourcing/offshoring during COVID-19

18:22 – The importance of having a standardized process

20:19 – Tools that Noel is currently using

26:00 – Things that Noel had to rethink and take action on

28:16 – How B2B digital marketers and business owners should be rethinking

31:47 – Connect with Noel Andrews

Memorable Quotes

“You can have anything you want in the world, so long as you help other people get what they want.”

“Find ways to get people in your business that are going to enable you to live the life that you want.”

“Offshoring now can get you a better standard for a lower cost.”

“Think Who not How.”

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