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B2B Digital Marketer
B2B Digital Marketer
3 Questions About SEO You Should Never Ask

Learn the ins and outs of SEO and apply it to your business

The pandemic created a huge change and increase in complexities to the point that there is no more going back to the old way of doing business. One such change is search engine optimization. Before, it would usually be assigned to an IT person or a web developer, or someone involved in computers. But nowadays, with the majority of marketing being digital, SEO has become one of the primary domains that B2B marketers must have expertise in. Not only is it the basis for organic search growth, but the algorithms are also becoming more and more complex to the point of understanding every nuance of human language.

As B2B marketers, if you want to expand your reach and make an impact on your target audience, you must be asking the right questions. In this episode, Jon Lightfoot shares 3 questions you should NOT be asking as he also shares with you some of the best practices and strategies for search engine optimization.

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Jon Lightfoot is the Founder & CEO of Strategic SEO Solutions (SSS). He has over 20 years of marketing experience, both brand-side, and agency-side. Jon is an SEO expert with decades of experience in working with many SaaS brands, B2B enterprise firms, Fortune 500, and startups alike. He and his team are hands-on in managing their client’s on-site technical SEO, as well as offsite SEO, CRO, and overarching analytics. Additionally, Jon sits on the Customer Experience Advisory Board at the University of California Irvine.

Podcast Timestamps/Outline

00:58 – Introduction

01:31 – About Jon Lightfoot

02:38 – SEO has become a deep domain of expertise

04:40 – The 3 questions about SEO we should never be asking.

05:33 – 1st question: How do I get more traffic with organic search?

07:43 – It’s not all about the query. It’s about understanding intent.

08:52 – 2nd question: How do I increase my domain authority (DA)?

11:59 – Wrong strategies and tactics to increase DA

13:41 – 3rd question: How many blog articles should I write in a week or month?

16:21 – Technical SEO

18:34 – Should blog writers and copywriters be skilled in technical SEO?

20:38 – Artificial intelligence (AI) in content production

22:38 – The role of content editor and SEO editor

24:20 – The complexities of ranking on page one in Google

26:04 – How many elements of Google’s algorithm should you focus on?

28:17 – Does top-page ranking correlate to more revenue?

31:05 – What does it take to get to page one?

32:53 – Connect with Jon Lightfoot

Memorable Quotes

“People often ask how to get more traffic with organic search, but the right question is how to get the right traffic to the site.”

“Beyond the query is the notion of intent.”

“The right question for domain authority is, how do I increase my domain authority sustainably and safely?”

“Domain authority is like an onion, and it needs to be peeled back far deeper and with far more layers than just the high-level DA.”

“It’s not about how many contents you can create. It’s about how good it is.”

“It is still a manual process to hit both unique and valuable content and an SEO-friendly content.”

“There is still a human component in the editorial and SEO capacity for content to be the best.”

“You have to be a little bit better in a multitude of spaces now, not just in one.”

“Being in the top-page rankings is vastly impactful.”

“You will gain propulsion when everything works together in concert.”

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