page title icon The Queen Bee Mindset: How to Make the Customer the Center of Your World

B2B Digital Marketer
B2B Digital Marketer
The Queen Bee Mindset: How to Make the Customer the Center of Your World

Pollinate your pipeline in 2022 and learn how you can achieve greater levels of success.

What is the Queen Bee Mindset?

In a beehive, the entire hive is operating for one purpose – the success of the queen bee that sustains and extends the hive through all the seasons. If you think about who is the queen bee – it’s not your boss or the CEO, it’s the customer. Are you obsessed with making sure they are happy and successful?

Customers are vital to the success of any business. As B2B digital marketers, are you taking good care of them?

In this episode, Erik Newton shares all about the Queen Bee Mindest and how you can apply it in your business and learn to have a “more fruitful harvest”.

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Erik Newton is the VP of Marketing at Milestone Inc. He is a growth marketing executive who takes a full-lifecycle view of customer acquisition, experience, and retention. Prior to Milestone, he was the VP of Growth Marketing at BrightEdge.

Early on in his career he spent 6 years in Japan and earned his MBA there and then started his career at Dentsu agency in Tokyo. Erik has worked in tech marketing for more than 20 years at Adobe,, Netflix, and TiVo. He has published more than 175 blogs on SEO, is an accomplished speaker, and wrote a book called Hack the Corporate Fast Track.

Podcast Timestamps/Outline

01:12 – Introduction

01:54 – About Erik Newton

04:07 – What does a B2B Digital Marketer need to be thinking about now in order to be successful in 2022?

05:42 – Churn and the average loss that occurs within a beehive.

09:33 – How to make sure you have a queen bee mindset

14:11 – Reacting with the algorithm

17:15 – Pillars to focus on in order to be successful with the queen bee mindset

23:14 – “We buy milk” story

28:24 – Creative thinking and innovation

31:33 – What should B2B digital marketers start doing?

35:36 – Connect with Erik Newton

Memorable Quotes

“Who’s the queen bee? It’s not your boss, it’s not your CEO. It’s your customer.”

“Make the customer the center of your world. Don’t make your product, don’t make your own message talking about yourself the center of your world or the center of your story.”

“Think about your customer more than you think about your boss.”

“The right question is what’s the right thing for the customer? What’s the right thing for the business?”

“How are you going to have a fruitful harvest if you don’t have customers giving you referrals, if you don’t have a good reputation, or if you don’t have case studies?”

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