page title icon Privacy Compliance: How Your Company Can Comply with Regulations and Why It Matters

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Privacy Compliance: How Your Company Can Comply with Regulations and Why It Matters

Have we set ourselves up to be ready for the privacy-first world?

When it comes to data and privacy compliance, most people think that it only matters to the big brands like Google, Apple, and Facebook. But if you aren’t aware of it already, data is already a big part of business operations, and governments and legislators are stepping in to make sure that the usage of data is regulated and the privacy of the customer is protected.

As B2B digital marketers, are you aware of it? Are you complying with the regulations? Customers are becoming more and more conscientious with the privacy of their data. They don’t want their behaviors to be tracked and they don’t want you to use it without their consent. If you want to earn their trust, you have to be transparent with the data you collect and let customers know how you are using them.

In this episode, Navah Hopkins shares her expertise on data, privacy, ppc, fraud, and how B2B companies can implement these rules in their organizations.

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Navah is the Director of Paid Media for Justuno, an AI-powered CRO solution, and a veteran of the digital marketing industry. Starting in SEO in 2008 and transitioning to PPC in 2012, she is at the forefront of paid media strategy and execution.

Throughout her career, Navah has made a point to give back and loves sharing lessons learned on the international speaking circuit and local universities. She’s a founding board member of the Paid Search Association and the Ask the PPC for Search Engine Journal.

When she’s not empowering brands on the path to profit and victory, she enjoys gaming with her husband, talking all things Star Wars, and playing with her rescue pups HK and Freyja.

Podcast Timestamps/Outline

01:10 – Introduction

03:14 – Navah’s background in B2B Digital Marketing

05:08 – The shifting landscape in compliance and regulation

06:37 – The questions B2B digital marketers should be asking themselves right now

08:25 – How to create better customer experiences amidst the regulations

10:01 – Does these privacy issues only matter to big brands?

12:12 – Data integrity

15:39 – How to handle compliance for multiple touchpoints

17:55 – Compliance vs. Privacy

23:44 – Platform power grabs

26:30 – The negative side of privacy compliance

28:42 – The importance of testing

31:20 – The increasing complexity level

34:33 – The pendulum swing to quality

40:18 – Budget reallocation

43:59 – Connect with Navah Hopkins

Memorable Quotes

“How have we set ourselves up to be ready for that privacy-first world?”

“Compliance is you asking permission from the users for that information and that you’re honoring what your users check off.”

“Privacy is how you protect the information once you get them.”

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