page title icon How to Get Booked on Podcasts, Grow Your Reach, and Increase Revenue

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How to Get Booked on Podcasts, Grow Your Reach, and Increase Revenue

Do the work for the podcast host. Explain how you feel that you could benefit the audience of the podcast host.

Podcasts are becoming more popular with each passing day. According to Edison Research and Triton Digital, 41% of Americans ages 12 and older have listened to a podcast in the past month. There’s no doubt that podcasts have increased listenership and have become a great opportunity to find more leads and potentially grow your business. How do you tap into this new market and create opportunities for your business?

In this episode, Mark Colgan shares how you can get booked on podcasts, grow your reach, and potentially increase your revenue.

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Mark is a Digital Marketing Manager who works with B2B and B2C brands helping them make sense, and succeed, in the ever-changing Digital Marketing environment.

Having started his career in the highly sales driven Recruitment industry, for the past 5 years Mark has lead the Digital Marketing initiatives for B2B Technology and SaaS companies. In his spare time, Mark also works with startup businesses in bringing their products/services to the market using an Inbound Marketing methodology and latest Digital Marketing strategies.

Podcast Timestamps/Outline

01:33 – Introduction

02:33 – What B2B digital marketers should be asking themselves right now?

03:51 – About Mark Colgan and his background & experience

06:14 – Where podcasts are now, the landscape, and their impact

07:53 – Proper expectations for podcasts and the metrics associated with them

10:25 – Mark explains about the pirate metrics

13:30 – The importance of focusing on the middle of the funnel

16:02 – The importance of creating better relationships

19:30 – What to expect as a podcast guest

22:44 – How you can create more relationships, get more clients, and close deals as a podcast guest or a podcast host

28:11 – Are there call-to-actions that are higher performing compared to others?

31:53 – How to differentiate yourself from the overabundance of content and new podcasts

34:59 – The rate or percentage of good and bad podcast booking agencies

37:30 – How to scale your business with podcasting

39:13 – Connect with Mark Colgan

Memorable Quotes

“It’s not all about the interview… It’s about the relationship you can build with the host.”

“Start with the conversions of what you already have. Improve what you’re already doing before you put more volume in the top [of the funnel].”

“What’s obvious to you is often amazing to other people.”

“When you speak on other people’s podcasts, you are going to be able to reach a new audience that may have never hear about you before.”

“Tell people about your failures. Tell people about the success stories. Be raw and authentic, because we still buy from people at the end of the day and that’s never going to change.”

“The moment you stop selling, you started selling.”

“When you’re not coming across as that commission-breath car dealer that’s trying to sell the second-hand car, and you’re there to help somebody drive away with the car that they’re looking for, that’s a much better position to be in.”

“Relevancy over everything.”

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