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B2B Digital Marketer
B2B Digital Marketer
How to Double B2B Sales with Zero Salespeople

The Secret to Doubling B2B Sales with Minimal Personnel

One of the most significant goals of B2B sales and marketing teams is to be able to generate valuable leads that will convert into clients. This is no easy task, but if done correctly, it will help your business beat the competition and grow tremendously.

It is critical to your organization’s success that you find a high number of quality leads. There is no point in pursuing unqualified leads who aren’t truly interested in your services, and having no leads is completely ineffective.

In this episode, Jessica will speak about not recommending firing your sales team but rather reinventing your strategies for sales.

Jessica Embree has been the Creative Director at Tulip Media Group for over six years. She is a StoryBrand Certified Guide who works with our Client-Partners to craft their brand identities into compelling stories with clear and consistent marketing messaging. Jessica is also Google Ad Certified and takes the lead on the keyword strategies and research for all of our digital marketing programs.

A lifelong entrepreneur, Jessica started her first business at the age of 10. Under the banner of J&J Blueberry Enterprise, Jessica and her sister, Jennifer, harvested blueberries from their family’s blueberry farm and sold them door to door. She was also a competitive fencer and represented her province at the Canada Games.

Jessica is the co-author of Double Sales / Zero Salespeople: Optimize Your Sales and Marketing Into One Business Development Strategy That Works!, released in August 2021.

Podcast Timestamps/Outline

00:45 – Introduction

02:28 – Broken B2B Marketing System

04:50 – About Jessica Embree

06:33 – “SMARKETING”

08:36 – “The Machine”: Identifying the parts of your business.

12:06 – What you can’t do for them vs. what you can

12:40 – ”The Sales and Marketing Machine” Shifting from pre-2019 to what it is today

15:18 – What’s wrong with B2B automation sales today

16:15 – Specialty areas where people are involved

20:27 – Organization of size

22:22 – Do your “PIVOT”

24:44 – Business assembly line

27:35- How to focus and pivot to the digital end

30:14 – Storybrand method/methodology

32:01 – Seeing through the eyes of your prospects

34:27 – Client onboarding process

36:33 – Need for fewer salespeople?

37:31 – Connect with Jessica Embree

Memorable Quotes

“Too Many B2B organizations have broken sales and marketing systems.”

“Most B2B can be elite for some potential clients.”

“THE MACHINE” goes very well in hand finding your customer.”

“The more sales you have, the more brokers you need or designers or production managers that love what they do, don’t mind talking about what they do, and will be part of that machine all day, every day.”

“Your best people are the people that are doing this stuff at the end of the day.”

“Organizations don’t realize all the things that they have to do in order to receive service from another organization.”

“Sometimes marketing agencies don’t hit the best wraps, so we need to build that trust with them.”

“Your current clients are your best advocates.”

“What people do often is they make themselves the hero of the story and not the client.”

“Getting a client is one thing, but keeping them is another.”

“Onboarding and retention is just as important as bringing in new people.”

“We are not advocating for you to fire your salespeople but we want you to think differently on how you sell your product or service.”

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