page title icon What is Your Digital Activity ROI?

What is Your Digital Activity ROI?

Anybody trying to sell anything online needs to be aware of their Digital Activity ROI (DAA). Do you know what yours is? Your DAA is more holistic than your Digital Marketing ROI and significantly more impactful to your sales and revenue.

Stop and think for a moment.

We all have the same hours in the day. What are you doing during those hours? Where are you investing time, money, and effort? Granted, somethings may be loss leaders, like helping people solve a problem or answering a question knowing they are not your ideal client.

Before I go on. DAA needs to be calculated and understood by authors, coaches, consultants, speakers, SMBs, startups, entrepreneurs, affiliate marketers, non-profits, and local businesses.

Which kind of Marketer Are You?

If you are reading this, it probably applies to you, even if you don’t see yourself as one of these.

Take into perspective all of your digital activity. Is it well spent? Paid traffic or otherwise?

If you consider all internet use, it’s skyrocketed. How much more are you doing to build your brand, your company brand, or capture leads than last year.

Internet Usage for 2021

How much of what you are doing is really delivering value?

This year, I decided to assess where I have been spending a lot of effort, and I decided to stop doing many things, double down on a few things, and start only a few things to deliver more significant ROI.

Some things I am testing to see if they will generate more significant ROI testing things are essential.

Digital Activity ROI Assessment

A great place to start to understand your Digital Activity ROI is to take the Digital Activity Assessment. The assessment was developed as a result of working with numerous organizations and assessing their efforts, expenses and return on those in regards to sales and revenue.

What is your Digital Activity ROI

What we are finding is that many organizations are doing many things that would be considered old-thinking. Because of the changes in the marketplace since March 2020, many companies began doing much of the same things to a large degree.

Some things that used to have higher ROI have dropped in ROI because they have become a Red Ocean. Things like webinars, virtual events, podcasts, and more no longer have the bang for your buck they once had.

Finding Your Blue Ocean with Your Digital Marketing

The red ocean is full of blood because it is a space where sharks bite savagely, and competition is fierce. In contrast, your blue ocean is a place where your digital marketing activity is scarce, and you can experience greater returns.

Being able to identifying your blue ocean where less competition with your digital marketing is not the same for everyone. You must assess your unique situation to create the best digital marketing strategy for you.

As more business development activities fall under marketing, finding your blue ocean becomes vital to delivering on your sales and revenue goals.

As I talk with individual businesses and executives, they struggle to build the best strategy and finding their blue ocean.


The Digital Activity Assessment is your best place to start to understand how you are performing with this modern marketing metric.

As you continue into 2021 and beyond, your Digital Activity ROI will become more critical to understand the complete picture of your entire digital marketing ROI and what is driving sales and revenue.

It’s time to find your blue ocean.