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B2B Digital Marketer
B2B Digital Marketer
Community: Your #1 Untapped Revenue Generation Opportunity

Unleashing the Revenue Potential of Community Building and Customer Experience

In this episode of B2BDM, Jack Foster discusses the important role of customer experience and community in differentiating companies in the market. She highlights how Workramp stands out by focusing on not just product innovation, but also on providing a great customer experience and building a strong community. 

WorkRamp’s software helps teams improve their job performance and provides training across organizations. Jack emphasizes the need to collect and act on customer feedback, using tools like Gong to gain insights into customer preferences. She also discusses the importance of transparency and visibility in implementing customer insights and how WorkRamp incorporates customer feedback into their product development and marketing strategies. Jack also shares how WorkRamp invests in building relationships with customers, empowering them to share their stories and be thought leaders. She stresses the value of curiosity in making business decisions and aligning marketing goals with pipeline and revenue targets. 

Jack also highlights the importance of customer retention and expansion, and how WorkRamp fosters a sense of community through their VIP Slack and WorkRamp Learn events. She emphasizes the role of data in driving marketing programming changes and the significance of qualitative information such as referrals and word-of-mouth. 

Overall, this episode provides valuable insights into how WorkRamp prioritizes customer experience, community building, and data-driven decision-making.

Jack Foster is the Chief Marketing Officer at WorkRamp, a leading company in the learning cloud industry. With a background in marketing and over 15 years of experience in the tech sector, Jack has worked for renowned companies like CA Technologies, Lever, and SurveyMonkey. At WorkRamp, he has been instrumental in building and expanding the marketing function, leading a team to power learning experiences for employees and customers across organizations. Jack’s career has been marked by exciting opportunities and challenges, making his journey in the tech industry a fascinating one.

Podcast Timestamps/Outline

01:12 – Introduction

04:00 – Curiosity-Driven Marketing Decisions

08:22 – Guided by Customer Insights

11:06 – Building Customer Resilience

13:32 – Community Touch Points & Events

17:39 – WorkRamp’s Differentiators

22:22 – Customer-Powered Promotion

25:47 – Revenue-Aligned Marketing Strategy

29:56 – Data Insights & Results

33:50 – Customer Acquisition Insights

36:04 – Prioritizing Community Strategy

38:14 – Value of Perspective in Decisions

38:48 – Connect with Jack Foster

Memorable Quotes

“You have to be so curious…ask why, and keep pushing the limit on that.”

“Because of our focus on customer centricity and our belief that you need to be investing in customers and hearing from customers and acting on that feedback on a regular basis, that’s one of the reasons why I was very bullish on hiring a customer marketing manager in kind of the first couple of hires.”

“So customer insights, it has to be a huge input. Everything from product to the content that we’re building to even where we spend money, where our customers are because we know that’s how we’re going to reach our buyers.”

“I think everyone is responsible for community. It’s almost like every touchpoint they have with your business is part of how you’re building cultivating community, right? And everyone is responsible for strengthening those relationships overall.”

“A differentiator is literally customer experience and community. That’s how you can stand out.”

“You have to be investing in those customers. You have to be creating those relationships with those champions and those customers.”

“Our job is to literally make sales easier… marketing exists so that you can sell more and that you can sell faster and do all of these things.”

“I think the difference is that you can say you’re customer centric if you’re collecting data, but it really is that taking it to the next step is actually acting on it.”

“We started seeing that this is how customers and prospects are finding work ramp. And so you better believe that now we’re going to be investing in making sure that that’s a plus channel where people can get really valuable information.”

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