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The b2b digital Marketer Podcast is live

My team (special shout to Winston) and I have been working hard behind the scenes on creating the B2B Digital Marketer Podcast—interested in B2B digital marketing? Stay tuned! You’re going to love this podcast!

Building upon the past five years of producing the Fast Leader Show and almost twenty years in B2B digital marketing, we have learned how to deliver a podcast that’s sustainable, appreciated, and worth subscribing and the B2B world is finally maturing to need it.

It’s a new reality in B2B Digital Marketing

Crazy developments in the first half of 2020 have made B2B digital marketing essential to the survival of many organizations. While some of the largest companies may be able to survive the economic crisis, thousands of smaller organizations must do everything they possibly can to be found and to build their sales funnel.

We are going to lose a lot of good solutions in the marketplace as a result of the new ways we have to do business.

The reason is that the ways these companies relied on to build their brand presence and solution awareness have all but disappeared. And thinking it will go back to the way it ways is false hope. We live in a world forever changed.

Solution Seekers will Suffer

B2B organizations that do not improve their digital marketing skills will cease to exist. This unfortunate situation makes it worse for solution seekers because some of the large-company solutions (are by far) not the best. Bigger should never be translated as better.

Savvy solution seekers understand this. So, it’s also in their best interest that B2B solution providers improve their digital marketing skills.

What the B2B Digital Marketer Can Expect

A surprise or two. Well, get used to it. Starting this week, we have a blowout release of several episodes with guests such as David Meerman Scott, Filip Galetic, Steve Goldhaber, and Frank Somma.

The B2B Digital Marketer podcast is a weekly series of 30-minute interviews. We’ll connect the dots on how two of the most pressing issues of our time are the same—marketing B2B solutions during a pandemic and marketing B2B solutions in the future.

The podcast will follow a consistent interview flow that will help subscribers to become familiar with what they value while dynamically learning from the experiences, skills, and expertise of guests through stories and data.

If you’re a subscriber to the podcast, the episodes will come directly to your favorite podcast player each Tuesday morning. There will also be options to listen too from There you will also find interview transcripts for those of you who prefer to read rather than listen.

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