page title icon How Can B2B Organizations Build Loyal Advocates for Their Brand?

B2B Digital Marketer
B2B Digital Marketer
How Can B2B Organizations Build Loyal Advocates for Their Brand?

Every single employee, outside contractor, anyone who’s within your four walls, your parking lot, and your sphere are a part of the marketing team and part of the customer service team.

Building brand advocates is every organization’s dream when it comes to their customers. Brand advocates are the most loyal fans of your brand and share your value proposition with other people. In fact, brand advocates or loyal customers are five times more likely to purchase again and four times more likely to refer to a friend.

The problem is, B2B marketers are not building advocates. They are focused too much on the numbers. They treat marketing as B2B and B2C, when in reality, it’s B2H (Business to Humans) or P2P (People to People).

You need to treat your clients/customers like humans. Know what they are going through and try to serve them better through your products and services. An answered phone call is better than the most beautiful website. Stop focusing on the metrics and numbers and focus more on the customer experience. Once your customers know that you care about them, they become loyal advocates of your brand, and they have no other reason to leave you.

In this episode, Andrew Deutsch shares how you can improve the customer experience and build brand advocates for your organization.

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Andrew Deutsch is the Founder of Fangled Group.  He is a strategy first multilingual global marketing and sales consultant who has successfully driven business growth in more than 100 countries driving revenue in the 10s of billions of dollars.

Andrew is also the host of “The Fangledcast” podcast where incredible guests take deep dives into relevant topics for the business world.

His strategy first approach to businesses of all sizes stem from his education in both International trade and psychology building his unique methodology.  He helps companies convert every touch into voracious brand advocates leading to rapid and sustainable growth.

Andrew has traveled the world extensively including a 10-year stint living and working in Brazil and visiting over 120 other countries where his training led to his unique skill set and his bold and innovative methods.

Andrew advises clients and companies on:

1. Strategy first marketing as a base for all further growth

2. Advanced sales strategy, recruiting, accountability, and coaching.

3. Creative branding including strategy, design, digital creation, video, and more.

4. Global trade and development with contacts in over 120 countries

5. Innovation and product advancement and development

Podcast Timestamps/Outline

01:01 – Introduction

01:34 – How can a B2B organization build advocates for their brand?

03:03 – About Andrew Deutsch and his background in B2B Digital Marketing

05:46 – What should B2B Digital Marketers be asking themselves right now?

08:04 – How does a patent for a hybrid wine barrel come into play?

11:41 – Predictive Sales Modelling vs. Sales Forecasting

15:03 – The different variables affecting the Predictive Sales Modelling

19:30 – Barriers for strategy execution

23:36 – Where does the hand-off from marketing to sales occur?

28:06 – How travelling the world helped Andrew build his skillset in getting close to the customer

35:18 – Budget reallocation

38:20 – Unlimited budget

40:06 – Connect with Andrew Deutsch

Memorable Quotes

“Stop thinking that you know your customer and go meet them.”

“Use your B2B strategy to sell and confirm the meeting.”

“At the moment that sales and marketing pre-agreed is the right time to pass the lead.”

“When you recognize that in terms of dealing with business, you stop talking about B2B and B2C. It’s B2H – they’re humans.”

“Reduce SEO spends on clicks and focus more on drawing people in through what you do. Content is still king.”

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