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B2B is P2P Frank Somma

Frank Somma: Why B2B is actually P2P

Why B2B is actually P2P

In this episode of the B2B Digital Marketer Podcast, Frank Somma shares what are the core elements you could be missing when you create that landing page, LinkedIn Post, Facebook Update, or Tweet. Do you know?

Frank Somma, author of B2B is Really P2P: How to Win With High Touch in a High Tech World shares in this episode that he found the key differentiator is always him. But you can’t hire Frank – and you don’t need to.

What Frank refers to are the skills that need to be a more prevalent part of your digital marketing that frequently we may have viewed as obscure or not considered at all.

As a digital marketer, you have to move people to a sale by removing perceived risk and opening the potential for trust to enter your ideal client’s mind. You don’t need to learn to be a silver-tonged devil or a wizard of sales copy.

Frank shares insights into how to listen better, understand better and serve better. It’s about creating a connection.

Your ideal clients are sorting through so much information out there-many things coming at them all day every day. How do you help them to distinguish your organization’s solutions from another? Frank knows how, and he shares that in this episode.

Frank is a sales and communications expert, speaker, author and lifelong charity fundraiser.

His sales expertise is born from a varied background:

His discipline comes courtesy of his time with The United States Navy’s Presidential Honor Guard where he served under Presidents Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan

His heart comes from his lifelong devotion charity work.   Frank was the longest sitting national president for The Cooley’s Anemia Foundation

His sales leadership expertise was developed during his long tenure as a partner and sales VP with CBS, an office automation company in New York and subsequently with Toshiba NY/NJ.

Frank took his NLP, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, education at the NY Institute for NLP and earned his practitioner degree in that communication science.

He has been speaking and training professionally for over 15 years winning accolades from such notable companies as DLL Bank, GE, Xerox, and K Hovnanian

His new book B2B is Really P2P how to win with high touch in a high tech world just came out in January of this year

Frank lives in Holmdel, NJ with his longtime love Deborah, and when he isn’t occupied with one of his businesses, he’s either out running with his dog, or in the kitchen cooking for his kids and grandkids.


01:16 – Frank’s background with B2B Digital Marketing

02:59 – The importance of being personal in digital

04:01 – How Neuro-Linguistics Programming helps you understand your customers

06:42 – How understanding your customers can help you differentiate your product.

08:20 – As a marketer, you are the differentiator

09:45 – The importance of tonality and body language in communication

11:23 – Why watching matters

12:57 – Everything you do must reflect the message you want to bring.

15:52 – The disconnect between marketing and sales

19:06 – Investing in personal connections on your digital pipes

21:36 – The importance of after sales

22:45 – Where Frank will invest the money if given an unlimited budget

24:35 – The one question every marketer must ask

27:19 – B2B is Really P2P: How to Win With High Touch in a High Tech World

29:59 – Connect with Frank Somma

Key Takeaways

“Selling happens when there’s trust and when you remove as much risk as possible from the buyer.”

“You have to make decisions from a place of success, not from a place of need.”

“Everything you do reflects the message you want to bring.”

Links and Resources

Frank’s Facebook:

Frank’s Twitter:

Frank’s LinkedIn:

Frank’s Instagram:

Frank’s website:

Frank’s book: B2B Is Really P2P: How to Win With High Touch in a High Tech World

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Solving Problems Steve Goldhaber

Steve Goldhaber: Marketing is About Solving Problems

Marketing is About Solving Problems

In this episode of the B2B Digital Marketer Podcast, Steve Goldhaber shares his insights in how to effectively identify and solve your customer’s problems. Learn why it’s important to produce high-quality content that not only generates revenue, but also helps your customers move forward. Steve also shares some key takeaways from his book, “What’s Your Problem?”

Steve Goldhaber is one of a rare breed of marketers who is equally adept at, and equally passionate about, creativity and technology. In a digital age that has forever altered traditional marketing techniques, these dual skills give him an in-depth understanding of how technology can be used to execute more effective marketing programs.

In his work in a variety of corporate settings—from small startups to complex global organizations—Goldhaber has demonstrated an ability to break new ground, disrupt the status quo, and get results. His broad view of marketing in a digital world has been refined over nearly two decades in agency and corporate marketing positions in multiple industries.

In 2017, Goldhaber started 26 Characters, a marketing collective. Previously, Goldhaber was in charge of global digital marketing for two Fortune 500 companies, JLL and Aon, where he was responsible for web, social media, search, mobile, and content marketing. Prior to that, he spent nine years at Digitas, a global marketing and technology agency. As vice president, he led senior clients and internal teams in building marketing programs that embraced leading-edge tools to create better customer experiences.

With a bachelor’s degree in communications from Purdue University. He has been a judge for the Effie awards and on the advisory board for Social Media Week. He’s also a product adviser for LinkedIn, helping to shape the road map for future service enhancements. Goldhaber has also been a contributing writer for LinkedIn, the Content Marketing Institute, and B2B Marketing. He is also the author of What’s Your Problem?, a marketing book about problem solving.

As easily as Goldhaber can discuss solving a complex marketing problem with imaginative strategy, he can recount the challenges of completing four marathons, two urban adventure races, and travel to more than fifty countries.


01:43 – About Steve Goldhaber and

03:41 – Serving service-based businesses vs. hybrid models

04:34 – Steve’s passion in understanding and solving business problems

06:24 – What is overrated in B2B digital marketing?

07:59 – Why great marketing is all about well-thought strategies and good thinking

10:21 – Balancing getting good results vs. testing

11:34 – Working with budget constraints and investing in high quality content

14:36 – Why you should invest in making genuinely amazing content

17:40 – Assessing if your marketing is helping your customers move forward

19:21 – Steve’s book: “What’s Your Problem?”

21:40 – Key elements and tactics in problem-solving

23:46 – Working back and reverse-engineering the problem

27:31 – Connect with Steve Goldhaber

Key Takeaways

“The old model was to do something clever and interesting to get people’s attention. Now it’s about delivering true content and helping them.”

“The key takeaway is to ask yourself one question: “What’s your problem? What are you trying to solve?” If you keep asking that, it will provide so much clarity.”

“You have to separate yourself as a marketer into what your customers think. Things you may feel old and outdated may be loved by your customers.”

Links and Resources

Steve’s LinkedIn:

Steve’s Facebook:

Steve’s Twitter:

Steve’s website:

Steve’s book: What’s Your Problem? How Enhancing Your Problem-Solving Skills Can Make You a Better B2B Marketer

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Honest and Helpful Marketing Filip Galetic

Filip Galetic: Why Marketing is All About Being Honest and Helpful

Why Marketing is All About Being Honest and Helpful

Filip Galetic shares his insight in how marketing is all about being helpful to people and making their lives easier. According to Filip, trying to be the smartest person in the room or being the cleverest marketer out there is a poor strategy and will definitely not solve your customer’s problems.

Filip Galetic has been a digital marketer since 2010 and has since worked with big brands like Coca Cola, UNICEF, or Mars. His true passion, though, is helping fast-growing B2B tech scale-ups reach and exceed their revenue or customer acquisition growth targets through integrated marketing strategies. He’s a big fan of board games, nature walks, and meditation.


01:14 – How Filip Galetic started with B2B digital marketing in UNICEF

05:16 – Digital marketing applied to non-profit organizations

06:58 – The differences and similarities between non-profit and B2B digital marketing

09:38 – Why sticking to one tactic or channel is overrated

12:21 – How being honest and helpful can make you stand out

14:11 – The jobs-to-be-done framework

15:55 – Investing money in inbound marketing

18:01 – The importance of having top content that brings people organically, hiring topnotch writers, and investing in the best possible user experience on the website.

20:18 – The one question every B2B digital marketer must ask themselves

22:47 – The B2B Marketing Attribution Handbook

23:38 – Reach out to Filip Galetic

Key Takeaways

“Focusing on one specific channel, or one specific tactic, or whatever is hip at the moment is overrated.”

“The true value lies in end-to-end marketing campaigns that take traffic and lead creation and lead nurturing all at once.”

“The marketer that is helpful, clear, and direct is always going to outplay the marketer that is just trying to be clever and outsmart the competition.”

“It’s not about being the smartest person in the room, it’s about being helpful and making it simple.”

“At the end of the day, it’s all about who, what, and how you are helping.”

Links and Resources

Filip’s Facebook:

Filip’s Twitter:

Filip’s LinkedIn:

Filip’s website:

Filip’s book: The B2B Marketing Attribution Handbook: Unlocking the hidden ROI in your marketing funnel

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New ways to do digital marketing

REIMAGINING New Digital Marketing Ideas with DAVID MEERMAN SCOTT

New ideas in digital marketing help you differentiate

David Meerman Scott shares his insights into new digital marketing ideas and how to differentiation this B2B Digital Marketer episode. It’s not about taking something existing and just recreating it online; it’s all about finding new and different ways to do things and reimagining the unlimited possibilities of doing digital marketing. David also shares his insights from his book, Fanocracy, and how to turn your fans into customers and your customers into fans.

David Meerman Scott is an internationally acclaimed business strategist, entrepreneur, advisor to emerging companies, and public speaker.

He is the Wall Street Journal bestselling author of ten previous books, including The New Rules of Marketing & PR (now in a 6th edition and available in 29 languages), Marketing Lessons from the Grateful Dead, The New Rules of Sales & Service and FANOCRACY: Turning Fans into Customers and Customers into Fans. In his spare time, he surfs and travels around the world for great live music.


01:10 – How David Meerman Scott started with B2B digital marketing

04:15 – Why B2B digital marketing is similar with B2C digital marketing

07:01 – Why stock photos are overrated and do not humanize your organization

08:13 – Why an aggressive approach to sales and marketing is a terrible mistake

09:18 – How the Grateful Dead’s example can help businesses generate more business

11:24 – The friction between sales and marketing

12:03 – The hybrid approach

14:42 – Reimagining what is possible vs. Recreating something existing

17:21 – Case study: Skillsoft

19:55 – Paying for attention and investing in journalists and storytellers

24:59 – Where David will spend the money if given an unlimited budget

28:27 – The one question every B2B digital marketer must ask themselves

30:22 – Fanocracy: Turning Fans into Customers and Customers into Fans

31:43 – How David met Brian Halligan, CEO of Hubspot, from a Grateful Dead concert

32:37 – How your fans can become your customers

34:06 – Connect with David Meerman Scott

Key Takeaways

“We need to realize that as B2B marketers, we are not marketing to businesses. We are marketing to people.”

“Giving gifts with no expectations is a better approach than setting up an adversarial relationship and demanding an email address for your content.”

“Being a digital marketing disruptor is about looking at the web and seeing what’s possible rather than just taking what happens offline and cramming it on to the web.”

“Are you a B2B marketer who’s truly communicating with other human beings?”

Links and Resources

David’s Twitter:

David’s LinkedIn:

David’s Instagram:

David’s website:

David’s book: Fanocracy: Turning Fans into Customers and Customers into Fans

Fanocracy website:

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What is the B2B Digital Marketer Podcast?

Jim Rembach Shares What and Why

Show Description

The B2B Digital Marketer podcast is all about the new and innovative ways and debunking the hype for marketers that need to support and influence solutions and services with longer sales cycles. Listen to big-name marketers, authors, practitioners, and professors talk strategies, tactics, ideas, routines, and tools every B2B Digital Marketer can leverage.


00:36 – What’s in it for you?

01:36 – Figuring out what B2B Digital Marketing is all about

02:33 – How to stand out and make a difference

03:45 – What’s inside the B2B Digital Marketer podcast?

04:55 – How you can help make a bigger impact

05:41 – Opportunities for you

06:45 – The journey through B2B digital marketing

07:50 – Subscribe to the B2B Digital Marketer podcast

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B2B Digital Marketer Podcast

While some of the largest solution provider companies may be able to survive the economic crisis, thousands of smaller organizations may perish. The B2B Digital Marketer podcast will share expert skills and resources to prevent tragic losses.