page title icon How to Attract Your Most Valuable Customers with the World’s Best Buyer Persona System

B2B Digital Marketer
B2B Digital Marketer
How to Attract Your Most Valuable Customers with the World’s Best Buyer Persona System

You need to get deep inside the mind of your ideal buyer in order to produce successful marketing strategies.

Every company has its own buyer persona system. Sometimes, they have more than one. But what does it take to be the world’s best buyer persona system? In this episode, you’ll find out how.

Your buyers’ voice matters, there’s no doubt about that. You have to truly understand them in order to offer the best solution. Unfortunately, we are sometimes unsure of how to truly relate to them. It’s not about who they are. It’s about how they think!

In this episode, Stormie Andrews shares the world’s best buyer persona system and how it can help you craft the best messaging and attract your most valuable customers.

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Stormie Andrews is the co-founder of Yokel Local. He is a licensed practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), an award-winning author, Forbes contributor, HubSpot contributor, recognized buyer persona expert, and HubSpot Certified Trainer. He has also been recognized as a Member of the Year from the American Marketing Association, named as a Top 50 Tech Visionary, and his book, “The World’s Best Buyer Persona® System,” became an Amazon Hot New Releases Best Seller.

Podcast Timestamps/Outline

01:32 – Introduction

02:47 – About Stormie Andrews

05:51 – What is the World’s Best Buyer Persona System?

07:58 – The 4 stages of buyer awareness

10:10 – How does the World’s Best Buyer Persona System address the 4 stages of buyer awareness?

13:10 – The difference of using the system between B2B and B2C

15:42 – How to differentiate yourself from your competition and cut through all the noise

19:25 – How to apply the World’s Best Buyer Persona System to your sales and marketing funnel

22:22 – Do you have to go through a lot of effort (education, certification, etc.) to be differentiated, or is it not necessary?

24:46 – The timing piece of the World’s Best Buyer Persona System

27:31 – What is the anti-sales approach and what does T.I.N.B. mean?

31:56 – Not chasing transactions versus relationships

35:29 – How does the transition from sales to client success happen?

37:33 – What does gaining authority through trust mean?

40:27 – How can you use the buyer’s journey to be your secret weapon? 

43:54 – What does a B2B digital marketer have to do right now to have a better 2022?

47:40 – Connect with Stormie Andrews

Memorable Quotes

“It’s not about the fact and figures. It’s about the emotions that your ideal client is experiencing as it pertains to your goods and services.” 

“The greater your understanding of your ideal client, the better you can craft messaging that’s designed to resonate with them.”

“There’s no need to reinvent the wheel in today’s world. There’s lots of great information out there from some very, very smart people that are designed to help you get better results.”

“The World’s Best Buyer Persona System is about building one bridge at a time. It’s not about creating messaging for everyone on the planet. Choose the most ideal person and create an incredible experience for that person.”

“Look for processes that you can do to extend the relationship to wow that relationship from the moment that they signed the check.”

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