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How to Become a Master Sales Pro

Insights from a Master Sales Pro: How to Exceed Your Quota in B2B Sales

One of the biggest challenges facing B2B sellers today is meeting their quota. In fact, according to recent research, 67% of B2B sellers are not meeting their quota. This is a significant increase from previous years and a worrying trend for businesses.
Steve Weinberg believes that the key to becoming a master sales pro is to focus on the fundamentals of sales. He emphasizes the importance of building relationships with customers, understanding their needs and pain points, and providing solutions that meet those needs. He also stresses the importance of continuous learning and self-improvement to stay ahead in a constantly evolving industry.

During the podcast, Steve shares some practical tips and techniques that sellers can use to improve their sales performance, such as how to create a compelling value proposition, how to handle objections, and how to close deals effectively.

If you’re a B2B seller struggling to meet your quota or looking to take your sales performance to the next level, this episode is a must-listen. In this episode, we learn valuable insights from Steve Weinberg on how to become a master sales pro and exceed quota performance.

Steve Weinberg has spent his life selling and helping others sell better, sell faster, and sell more. He is an expert at building, guiding, and sustaining high caliber sales teams, and creating exemplary standards in account management. He has over three decades of leadership experience in sales, including Vice Presidencies at Dun & Bradstreet Software, AC Nielsen, Solcorp (then part of EDS, now HP), and Deloitte and Touche. Steve earned a B.A. in Economics / Business Administration from North Park University, and an MBA from Loyola University of Chicago. He is also a CPA and has experience in accounting, consulting, and as a graduate-level Economics instructor. He is married and has two adult children. He is the author of Above Quota Performance (Armin Lear Press, 9/20/2022)

Podcast Timestamps/Outline

01:52 – Why are 67% of B2B sellers not meeting their quota

06:36 – About Steve Weinberg

08:51 – Forgotten core pillars of successful sales

11:56 – Complex Problems Require Complex Solutions

18:10 – Explaining Value vs Price

23:01 – The Cost of Doing Nothing

29:03 – Successful Sales in the Post-Covid World

38:30 – Sales and Marketing Alignment

48:13 – Connect with Steve Weinberg

Memorable Quotes

“Today, everybody’s got good products, competition is fierce, and the buyers are much better informed.”

“Buyers used to buy from people they like. Now they don’t need to like them. They need to trust them.”

“If you’re not winning, you’re losing.”

“Welcome objections. Ask for objections. If you’re not getting objections, then you need to ask for objections.”

“You need to know what the why is. Why would they make a change? What are their motives? What are their goals? What’s in it for them?”

“Time is your greatest asset in sales. Because, you know, if you run out of time, you can’t sell anymore. So you only have so many days a year, you can to reach your quota.”

“Salespeople can be of greater variety of personalities than it used to be. Today, you have a wider variety. Introverts can succeed today as well as extroverts because the knowledge that they have and the way they do business could bring a lot of value to the prospects.”

“People think that a lot of companies, a lot of CEOs think that salespeople are only coin-operated. And that’s not true… Salespeople have a lot of different motivations, and if companies want to keep really good salespeople, they need to understand why they’re there, what they’re looking for.”

“Marketing and sales need to be more in a mind…They need to understand why companies would buy this product, what value it brings to them, and what the real world is.”

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