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Boosting B2B Growth through Sales and Marketing Alignment

Unleashing Corporate Caffeine to Supercharge Your Business Growth

In a world where B2B competition is fiercer than ever, businesses need to find innovative ways to stay ahead. One crucial factor to achieving success is aligning your sales and marketing teams. Our latest podcast guest, Dacia Coffey, author of “Corporate Caffeine,” shared her insights on how B2B companies can benefit from aligning these two departments to supercharge their growth.

One of the key takeaways from the conversation was the concept of “smarketing.” This approach involves merging sales and marketing to create a unified team with shared goals and KPIs. By fostering collaboration and breaking down silos, businesses can improve communication, enhance customer experiences, and ultimately, increase revenue.

In this episode, Dacia Coffey shares a few top tips for aligning sales and marketing teams. Tune in to our podcast and discover how your B2B organization can benefit from her expertise and experience.

A leading authority on accelerating revenue growth, Dacia is a fractional Chief Marketing Officer who has orchestrated over 100 organizational transformations during her 20-year career. As the CEO of The Marketing Blender, a B2B sales and marketing alignment agency, she helps clients transform their brand, revenue growth, and business development machine. She is a member of the Forbes Agency Council, is a Forbes contributor, a certified Process Consultant, and was named an American Advertising Federation Shooting Star. 

In addition to her client work, she’s also the author and podcast host of Corporate Caffeine, and an internationally recognized speaker helping people unleash individual and organizational potential. With a high-energy style, Dacia draws from her experience as a top-tier sales professional, copywriter and three-time business owner. Her approach and insights are practical, actionable and proven to give both clients and audiences alike the tools they need to catalyze change and growth. 

Podcast Timestamps/Outline

01:13 – Introduction

01:52 – About Dacia Coffey

06:41 – What is marketing?

08:57 – Changes in growth and marketing strategies

12:07 – Why are B2B marketers and sellers banging their heads?

18:50 – Pitfalls of putting everything out there

23:14 – The power of curiosity / why social media platforms want you to create more content

30:28 – Backwards thinking in content marketing / Quality over quantity

34:13 – Key insights from each chapter of Dacia’s book

44:29 – Connect with Dacia Coffey

Memorable Quotes

“Marketing has to be reversed engineered into the very few key sales metrics that matter.”

“The number one competitor of B2B sellers and marketers is their customer.”

“Marketing now has to take the leadership role – a predictive role – where you say i don’t need the answers, I already have them.”

“Removing friction and truly understanding what the buyers need to make a purchase decision – it is shockingly less than we think.”

“Sales and marketing alignment is what is required to aggressively scale and accelerate revenue.”

“There is an unbelievable number of leads and hidden revenue that you can harvest this quarter right now.”

“It’s not about you.”

“Marketing plans should be highly-actionable, living documents that then turn into execution plans.”

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