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B2B Digital Marketer
B2B Digital Marketer
How Rapid Growth B2B Companies Go To Market

How B2B Companies With Rapid Growth Reach Their Target Markets

The art of effective marketing is difficult to get right. Between creative needs, limited budgets, and platform decisions, marketers have a lot to manage when developing their marketing strategy.

The biggest factor of efficient marketing, however, is your target market.

If you’re not properly targeting your potential market, your sales pitches and marketing campaigns will likely make no impact. You might as well not be marketing at all.

The biggest difference, though, is between individual consumers and businesses. It is common for some companies to cater to individual shoppers, while others cater to companies and organizations.

The marketing of goods and services to businesses is very different from that of individual consumers. That’s why an entirely new approach to marketing exists.

In this episode, Derek talks about being customer-centric and providing tailored solutions to the problems presented by the clients.

Derek Osgood is a former marketing exec turned founder, building Ignition – the collaborative GTM platform helping Product and Marketing teams to get new products to market faster and more effectively.

Prior to founding Ignition, he was an early hire at Rippling where he stood up the Product Marketing function and helped scale the company to $20M in ARR. As a Product Marketing leader everywhere from startups to major brands like PlayStation, Derek has launched over 100 products and his products have generated over $1B in revenue. Now he’s building the platform he wished he had along the way.

Podcast Timestamps/Outline

00:46- Introduction

1:53- About Derek Osgood

3:28- Vast difference between B2C, using channels, B2B elements, B2B solutions

4:08- Alignment scenarios

5:08- High growth

7:29- Channels to use to market my product

10:48- Competitions/Competitors

14:57- Ability to compare

16:24- Behavioral science of go to market

18:13- Interactions and relationships with prospects resulting in sales

22:04- How do I get my sales process to convert faster

23:32- The “Traps”

27:17- Cost to bring a product to market

31:33- Alignment piece

35:31-Sweet spot or ICP

36:43- Product launch

42:26- What to think

43:30- Connect with Derek Osgood

Memorable Quotes

“People love to do the “build a thing” and just like to put it out there and hope that it sells itself .”

“If you get all that internal stuff correct, all that external stuff will take care of itself.”

“If you’re really customer-centric, first of all hopefully you’re not building things unless customers actually need and want it and solving a real customer problem. That’s the number one cause of product launch failure.”

“It’s the problem that you’re attempting to solve, not the features and benefits that can solve the problem.”

“People that are founders of organizations, CEOs of organizations in their heart and mind they truly believe they’re so uniquely and distinctly different from everyone else that they really have no competition.”

“People like to believe that their thing is a better snowflake but in reality you probably have one maybe two features that are truly differentiated from the rest of the market.”

“If you are really solving the problem, your customers are doing something to solve that problem today.”

“Find something about your product that stands out from them but don’t go out and assume that nobody else is doing what you are doing because the world is too big and there’s too many products out there and something out there is trying to address whatever problem you’re trying to solve.”

“In today’s world, I think we’re probably competing more for attention than we actually are for the sale.”

“The more you can make it feel tailored, the more they are going to pay attention to you.”

“We are not selling to machines we’re selling to human beings and human beings must have the ability to choose.”

“Our brains are wired to make rapid decisions based on comparison inputs that we have already formulated.”

“You have to go slow to go fast.”

“You can’t automate human beings.”

“It’s weird that people need to be told something multiple times in order to be able to understand that they need it and want it. They need to feel trust built overtime.”

“You can’t use a cookie cutter approach that’s one size fits all to everything that you do. You really need to actually think through  again like the strategy that drives your process.”

“Companies that launch stuff more frequently and more effectively, they grow faster than others.”

“Don’t worry so much about the channels. Worry about the story that you are telling and if you are telling an effective story then any channels you use should work pretty well.”

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