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B2B Digital Marketer
B2B Digital Marketer
The Art and Science of Lead Generation

Navigating the Digital Landscape for Effective Customer Acquisition

In this episode of B2BDM, Eric Quanstrom delves into the intricacies of lead generation and its pivotal role in modern marketing. He explores the dynamic nature of marketing strategies and the simultaneous relevance of unwavering, foundational principles. The conversation highlights the challenge of making informed buying decisions in an information-saturated market and underscores the power of brand familiarity.

Eric emphasizes the crucial role personal networks play in achieving initial sales for startups, as well as crafting compelling go-to-market strategies. He also illuminates the growing influence of AI in marketing and navigates through the complex issue of attributing what precisely fuels B2B sales.

Throughout the podcast, Eric provides valuable insight into the formulation, testing, and refinement of hypotheses to pinpoint the most lucrative investment channels and build robust brand awareness. In conclusion, he stresses the importance of distinguishing between the constant and evolving elements of marketing, all the while acknowledging the inevitability of change in the B2B landscape.

Eric Quanstrom is a seasoned marketer with a passion for his craft. He has held the role of CMO at his last six companies and sees marketing as a lifelong practice. With a love for the endless fascination of the industry, he truly enjoys working at Science and geeks out on all marketing-related things. His experience shows in his work, and he wouldn’t have it any other way.

Podcast Timestamps/Outline

01:41 – Introduction

03:36 – The Duality of Marketing 

07:24 – The Psychology of Buying 

12:17 – Attribution in Sales Cycles 

17:49 – Why Brand is More Important Than Ever 

21:28 – Strategic Brand Building 

24:14 – The Art and Science of Lead Generation 

25:24 – How to Build a Go-To-Market Strategy 

29:47 – Why Your Website is a Leverage Point for Your Brand 

37:00 – The Future of AI in Marketing 

38:49 – The Art and Science of Lead Generation (Summary) 

39:28 – Marketing Strategy 

42:00 – Preventing Technological Catastrophes

43:04 – Connect with Eric Quanstrom

Memorable Quotes

“One of the things that is interesting to me about marketing is the duality of the things that kind of like never change, that are basic and rooted in human psychology and tendency and the way the brain works and the things that are, frankly, ever-changing by default.”

“So if you really think about a buying exercise, it’s always a change management exercise, and that fundamentally won’t change.”

“Brand typically is what we feel familiar about…it’s this chicken and egg problem of brand reinforcement where all of a sudden familiarity and the product…haven’t changed since that time when I was a nine year old kid to now.”

“How do I brand myself with every sales leader on the face of the planet, come hell or high water?”

“The Art and Science of Lead Generation operates on hypotheses. You formulate an idea about the best marketing channel and question its effectiveness as an investment of time and resources. Then you put it to the test. The insights gained either validate or invalidate the initial hypothesis, guiding further investment decisions. In this way, the cycle continues, always adapting and evolving.”

“That website is going to be your public face. Which means that it’s an intersect point or a leverage point for your brand forevermore.”

“I think you’re going to see a lot more AI involved in every part of every business and especially the marketing department…largely because so much of marketing is about messaging, it’s about positioning, it’s about pattern recognition.”

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