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B2B Digital Marketer
B2B Digital Marketer
5 Vital Traits of High-Growth CMOs

Learn what makes a CMO highly successful and become the top performer in your market.

A Chief Marketing Officer is a catalyst for inspiration. They have the power to drive their organization forward with creativity and innovation. They can create an environment where employees are encouraged to develop new ideas and products. 

Nowadays, a CMO is required to have more than just the average skill set. They must be able to personalize their messaging and cohesively fit it into the needs and demands of their audience. Additionally, they need to be more organized and creative in order to inspire their employees and resellers. They have to instill more motivation and leadership into their employees. They should have a clear understanding of their audience and be able to communicate with them effectively. Additionally, they should be able to identify and understand customer needs in order to drive business growth decisions.

Being a high-growth CMO is a challenging role. A CMO must be able to lead their team, set and achieve goals, increase revenue, and more. So, what traits and qualities do a high-growth CMO needs to have

In this episode, Mark Donnigan shares 5 vital traits of high-growth CMOs that you need to develop in order to become more successful.

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Mark Donnigan designs and executes marketing programs and go-to-market strategies that build markets and establish disruptive innovation companies as a category king. With 20 years experience as a transformative and strategic B2B marketing and business leader Mark understands what’s required to succeed in today’s winner takes all market.

Leveraging marketing and growth tactics that work, Mark produces real business results for early and growth-stage technology and disruptive innovation startup companies. Being well versed in SaaS, software licensing, wholesale, and retail distribution models, he helps companies build nimble, highly efficient marketing teams that routinely outperform larger marketing groups.

Mark is passionate about extracting the most value from every marketing dollar invested. He provides startup founders in the early stages of building their sales engine with high impact marketing playbooks so that they can reach their revenue goals and scale sustainably.

Podcast Timestamps/Outline

01:20 – Introduction

01:59 – About Mark Donnigan

04:46 – The 5 vital traits of high-growth CMOs and the churn in the CMO role.

07:08 – Who does this apply to?

08:40 – Trait #1 – High-growth CMOs are business strategists.

11:25 – Trait #2 – High-growth CMOs know the ecosystem.

16:50 – Trait #3 – High-growth CMOs understand sales, understand the buyer’s journey, and understand the customer.

27:37 – Trait #4 – High-growth CMOs are revenue-driven.

32:38 – Trait #5 – High-growth CMOs have great executive relationships.

34:57 – Where is the role of CMO headed?

41:22 – Connect with Mark Donnigan

Memorable Quotes

“One more marketing hack is not going to do anything to benefit you personally in terms of growing your career.”

“Begin to learn about business and the strategy of business.”

“The first trait of high-performing CMOs is they’re business strategists.”

“You have to understand the business and you have to be able to look at it from a strategic perspective.”

“The second trait is you have to know your ecosystem.”

“The ecosystem is the connected whole of all the parties and all of the partners that we may interact to that is not just our customers.”

“You must become a student even before you get the job.”

“The third trait is they understand sales, they understand the buyer’s journey, and they understand the customer.”

“The execution of marketing today in any organization of any size at all is more than sufficient.”

“The ‘failure’ of marketing today is very often marketers don’t understand the buyer’s journey and they’re not connecting.”

“People don’t buy products. They hire a product or a solution for a job to be done.”

“Buyers are more than 50% on the way through the buying process before they call a vendor.”

“The fourth trait is they are revenue-driven.”

“Marketers should find a way to get empathy to what your sellers are going through.”

“At the end of the day, do you want MQLs, or do you want revenue?”

“The fifth trait is they have great executive relationships.”

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