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B2B Digital Marketer
B2B Digital Marketer
5 Reasons Why Quiz Funnel Marketing Sucks

Learn how you can plug scorecards into your marketing funnel.

Marketing is filled with a sheer amount of noise. For the last decade, marketers have become expert broadcasters – from blogs, articles, podcasts, videos, social media, ads, and websites. There is no shortage of information. It’s overwhelming. And the COVID situation has 50x the noise. It seems like you have to be a master of psychology to stand out and make a difference.

In a world where we’re all vying for attention, how do you grab your ideal client’s attention and evoke a response? How can you deliver true value? How can you set yourself apart and be different?

In this episode, Daniel Priestly shares with us quiz funnel marketing and 5 reasons why quiz funnel marketing sucks. You’d be surprised to learn how most people apply quiz funnels (or scorecards) wrong. Learn from their mistakes, and you can craft your own scorecards more effectively.

Daniel Priestley is the Founder of Dent Global and ScoreApp, Entrepreneur Of The Year ’22, x4 Best Selling Author. Daniel is a leading authority in scaling businesses. His reputation and extensive experience with his own companies have seen him advising for inc500 leaders and unicorn Entrepreneurs as well as appearing regularly in the media. Starting with nothing, Daniel has built valuable and scalable businesses in Australia, UK, US/Canada and Singapore. Daniel’s Mission is to develop Entrepreneurs who stand out, scale-up and make a positive impact in the world.

Podcast Timestamps/Outline

01:45 – Introduction

02:37 – About Daniel Priestly

04:04 – Misinformation on quiz funnel marketing

07:34 – The psychology behind a scorecard

11:17 – Automation vs. Augmentation

13:35 – Insights to build strategy and tactics for your scorecards

18:00 – Can you DIY scorecards? 

21:00 – Asking the right number of questions

23:34 – How to promote and make it effective

30:22 – How to apply the scorecard in a B2B setting

33:37 – How to deal with VUCA

36:17 – Scorecards and data privacy

38:40 – How long can you get results?

42:29 – 5 reasons why quiz marketing funnel sucks

43:42 – Connect with Daniel Priestly

Memorable Quotes

“Don’t devalue it by calling it a quiz or a survey. Call it a scorecard.”

“Give people a self-interested reason to take the scorecard.”

“Ask the right number of questions depending on where they are in the sales cycle.”

“A scorecard is one of the ways that you’re encouraging people to disclose things about themselves so that you can then personalize.”

“Give value right away. Make sure that when someone completes answering the questions, they immediately get custom recommendations, custom insights.”

“Ask simple questions that people can answer off the top of their head – Yes, no, maybe, or sometimes – and something they can improve with the help of your business.”

“Promote it effectively. Plug it into all of your marketing and create a two-way conversation.”

“Data is always going to be an asset.”

“Use the data to make more sales and be more effective.”

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