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B2B Digital Marketer
B2B Digital Marketer
5 Reasons Demand Generation Fails

Prioritizing Quality Over Quantity: Building a Strong Demand Generation Engine in Today’s Buyer Climate

In this episode of B2BDM, our guest Deanna Shimota shakes up the old idea that low-quality leads are worth your time. She points out that many marketers choose quantity over quality, wasting time on leads that aren’t likely to buy. Instead, Deanna argues that businesses should focus on high-quality leads to grow their sales.

She also talks about the ins and outs of marketing, reminding us that good things take time and that it’s important to set long-term goals. She gives helpful advice on how to make a strong online presence, create engaging content for your target customer, and find your own unique space in the market.

Plus, Deanna shares tips on how to pick the right marketing person for your team, and the latest ways to work with others and grow your audience. If you’re trying to build a solid marketing plan for your business, this episode is one you can’t miss.

Deanna Shimota is a successful marketer who holds a background in B2B marketing. She attended college for marketing and began her career in a corporate environment before switching to the agency side. Today, she sits as CEO of Growth Mode Marketing, a demand generation agency designed to help B2B businesses break through the noise of their industries. 

Deanna has extensive experience leading marketing teams on the corporate side, and is known for building marketing programs from the ground up, all in the name of helping organizations hit their revenue growth targets.

Podcast Timestamps/Outline

01:30 – Introduction

05:06 – Building a digital footprint on a budget.

09:53 – Crafting and distributing unique, valuable content.

14:41 – Mistakes in relying solely on short-term digital ads.

22:16 – The importance of long-term focus in demand generation.

28:50 – Quality over quantity: Focusing on high-intent leads.

32:27 – Specialization: The power of a narrow audience focus.

38:52 – Hiring strategy: Choosing between strategic or tactical marketers.

44:37 – Navigating the pitfalls of partnering programs.

45:03 – Connect with Deanna Shimota

Memorable Quotes

“If they don’t know you, they won’t visit your website. Go beyond that.”

“Challenging ideas may not resonate with everyone, but it will intrigue those who find your story sensible.”

“Simply spending more on digital ads doesn’t guarantee results – that’s the Short Game Fallacy.”

“Lack of patience kills growth. Without a long game plan, you’re always chasing your tail.”

“You can’t convince companies not ready to buy to purchase your product, especially if it’s costly.”

“Quality trumps quantity. Five high-intent leads are more profitable than a hundred low-intent ones.”

“Everyone wants a marketing unicorn, but it’s virtually impossible to find someone skilled in all areas.”

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